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2257 Old Conover-Startown Rd.  Newton, NC  28658

Unifour Christian Fellowship Church


​- Sunday Morning Service

   Start at 10:30am

- Children's Church

   Ever Sunday after Praise and Worship

   for children ages 3-12 year old.

- Small Group Bible Study

   Offer throughout the week please see the

   (SMALL GROUP) link for more information.

- Newton Area - Outright Youth

   Youth-ages 13-21 meets every Monday at 6pm at

   the church.  Led by Mary Ann Dore and David


About Our Church

Our Mission Statement

 "The purpose of Unifour Christian Fellowship Church is to glorify God by leading people
         into relationships with Jesus Christ and His family, nurturing them into Christ-like maturity, and equipping them to

be ministers to the world."

Who We Are

    Our church has been serving Catawba and surrounding counties for 20 years. Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community, and work towards a greater good. We are tireless in our efforts to connect with people, agencies and other churches. We help those seeking spiritual healing and connection to find peace, healing, direction, and to strengthen their relationship with God and other people.

    Our membership is growing at a steady pace. With this growth, we have been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our community. We welcome you with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of our faith based family.